new-york-bannerNew York doesn’t always spring to mind when you think of baby friendly holiday destinations, but after my trip earlier this year I’ve put together my top 5 tips for visiting New York City with a baby.

1. See if your airline offer infant friendly seats

Flying with an infant can be a daunting experience. To ease some of the stress, see if your airline offer infant friendly seats. I flew with British Airways and they offer bulkhead seats with a fold down table to which they can attach a bassinet or a baby seat. It was a lifesaver! (I flew back with American Airlines and was offered no such luxury).


(A little extra tip: If you’re not keen on braving public transport from the airport into New York City with a Baby, jump in a famous yellow taxi! At JFK airport there are a variety of different sized taxis at the taxi rank, meaning that buggy and general baby paraphernalia will be sure to fit. If you’re heading from JFK airport into Manhattan, there is a fixed fare, and you can pay with either cash or card.)

2. Pull on your comfiest trainers

There is a vast public transport system in New York but, as with any busy city, getting around it with a baby and a buggy is not always very easy. So pull on your comfiest trainers and hit the streets!
Walking around New York City with a baby can actually add to your tourist experience – around every corner you will find either a famous landmark or a new discovery.
If your feet do give up on you, as mine did, you can easily jump onto a bus, but be aware that you will need to fold your buggy down. The Subway has steep steps and is not very modern but I did manage it with Mr DaisLikeThese’s help.

Braving the bus with a sleeping baby!

3. Get up and out early

Whether it’s the jet lag, or the baby getting you up early – use it to your advantage! Walking around the streets of Manhattan early in the morning is so much nicer and easier with a buggy than it is later in the day. Not only that, the attractions are quieter too!  Be first in the queue for busy tourist sights, with less stress too.

4. Escape the hustle and bustle by ducking into a kids playground

Despite being a bustling city, New York has some fab children’s play areas dotted around. Not only is it a chance to mingle and chat with some local families, it’s perfect for a pit stop to play (depending on your baby’s age), feed or rest!

5. Enjoy a night out

We’re not talking a raucous night out, but experiencing a bit of nightlife in New York with a baby in tow is not impossible. Obviously most bars and some restaurants will operate a strict over 21’s policy in the evening but with a bit of planning ahead you can find some exceptions.

Hotel bars tend to be more family friendly, none more so than the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Not only do they allow babies, but it is super trendy and has the most amazing view back across the East River of the Manhattan skyline. We went for an early evening cocktail and there were three other buggies in the cloakroom so we certainly weren’t the only ones taking the opportunity!

The view from the Wythe Hotel

Why not take a look at my travel diaries from my time in New York City.




8 thoughts on “5 Tips for Visiting New York City with a Baby

  1. Great tips! I’ve only ever visited New York without the kids, but I have often thought that it would be an interesting (fascinating!) place for them too. When I visited I also enjoyed getting up very early, taking a walk (or jog) and watching the city come to life. #CityTripping


    1. We’re actually considering our summer holiday there (and The Hamptons) next year as our two older boys were painfully jealous when I went without them!! I think they’ll love it.
      Thanks so much for reading. X


  2. Brilliant post! Have shared it. I am strongly of the mindset that everywhere is travel-able with a baby, you just have to go for it, as you have proved! 😀


    1. Thank you for sharing, that’s great of you!
      I actually feel travelling with a baby is sometimes easier than with older children. I’m not sure I’d get away with sightseeing with Baby DaisLikeThese in the buggy all day now that she is walking – she just wants to get out and toddle!
      Thanks for reading. x


  3. What a great trip to have taken – in hindsight, I wish I’d travelled a bit more when my daughter was little especially on city breaks. I’m still planning to get back to New York, hopefully before long, with her – might have to skip the cocktails for now sadly unless she has lots of colouring to entertain her! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping


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