So this weekend saw Valentine’s Day, and although Mr DaisLikeThese was away (my Valentine’s gift to him was to agree that he could extend his work trip in South Africa to incorporate the England cricket match!), love was certainly in the air in our house!!

At baby group earlier in the week we created LOVEly cards using baby footprints, baby DaisLikeThese and I made this beauty for hubby/daddy:


Each year I always give the boys a little gift. I have kind of made a rod for my own back really as I did it one year and now it’s expected! This year I went for sweets, chocolates and Zomlings  (strange little collectable rubber characters) – always a winner!


I just wonder how old they’ll get before they deem it uncool to get a Valentine’s from their mum!

We also made some heart shaped cupcakes, which I blogged about HERE.


And the boys made some super cute cards for me, baby DaisLikeThese, and even the dog!!


So, despite not having Mr DaisLikeThese home to enjoy the day with, we certainly had a love filled Valentine’s Day.

Oh, and despite being halfway across the world, he still did good!


my petit canard

One thought on “Happy Mondays #6 – Love is in the Air!

  1. Aww thats so lovely! It looks like you all had a lovely valentines day 🙂 I love how you’ve involved the children in it and its become so much more than just the average valentines day. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


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