My Wednesday Whinge #3

This is something that I would like to dedicate a full blog to, but in the meantime I definitely need to have a little whinge on the matter!

Yes, today is the day that I do a full day of formula feeding. After 5months of pretty full on breastfeeding, but not much weight gaining, we are now completely moving over to bottle feeding.

I am in a world of pain and discomfort!!

It seems to me that as a mum you get SO much support when you start out breastfeeding; there is someone there to help you pretty much all the way until you are established. But as a mum who wants or needs to stop breastfeeding? There is not very much! Basically Google is your go to ‘professional’ and the differing advice is unreal!

Despite dropping feeds gradually over the past three weeks, I am basically a painful mess, wincing if anyone comes to close.

I’m not sure I remember it being this bad with my previous two children, but I think this is one of those things (like childbirth!) that human nature helps us blocks out – would anyone ever breastfeed again if they could vividly remember the pain and discomfort?!

Right, I’m off to buy cabbage leaves – wish me luck with the next week or so!!

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11 thoughts on “My Wednesday Whinge #3 – Finishing breastfeeding

  1. I remember more the pain of the milk coming in. I cried in the shower whilst hubby tried to express a bit for me. When I stopped i’d cut down gradually so my boobs were pretty small! I do feel your pain though and fingers crossed your clever body will adapt soon! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x


  2. Just make sure if you start getting any flu like symptoms to go to the doctor asap for it could be the start of mastitis. I had it 3 times with my firstborn. And it’s like the worst feeling of sick and pain I’ve ever had. Good luck with the drying up. #effitfridays 💌Trista, DomesticatedMomster


  3. Oh I feel your pain hun. All I can say is you have to really really slowly wean them off the breast. If you don’t want to feed the baby then you should express. That’s too bad it turned into mastitis – I hope you are feeling a bit better now. #effitfriday


    1. Unfortunately it was just one of those things – I did everything by the book, slowly slowly, and was down to only one feed a day which baby decided she didn’t want any more! Antibiotics have done the trick though and I am a lot more comfortable!
      Thanks for reading. x


  4. Ouch, this doesn’t sound fun at all! There should be more support/advice available for this. I hope the pain goes away soon!
    Thanks for linking up to #effitfriday


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