Things I Wish I'd Known

It started with an antibiotics induced explosion of diarrhoea which literally hit the wall on the other side of the hospital room as I lifted my first newborn son’s legs up to do a nappy change. I was 23 years old and had barely even held a baby before let alone cleaned baby shit off a wall! Little did I know that this would be the start of a slippery slope of ridiculous poo related incidents.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew there would be nappies upon nappies to change. But how hard could that be? And surely after a few years they’d be potty trained and that would be that. No, just no!

Did I realise that my children would treat me to impromptu, very public, al fresco poos? No. Did I ever dream that I would have to physically help my constipsted child ‘go’? No. Did I anticipate the shouts of “I’M FIIIIIINISHED!” Followed by the presentation of a pooey bum to wipe? Nope.

I remember the first time my son did the classic poo that goes all up the back of the baby grow and I took a picture and sent it to Mr DaisLikeThese, thinking it was some kind of freak event never to be seen again. Little did I know that this generally happens EVERY TIME!

I seemed to think that this and the hospital poo incident would pretty much cover any embarrassing poo scenario. How wrong I was! I now have a back catalogue of poo related stories that could challenge any parent at Child Poo Incident Top Trumps:

One sunny afternoon in a packed beer garden of one of those lovely pubs that have a kids playground, so you can have a guilt free glass of vino with lunch, I was greeted by the sounds of a worried announcement to the entire garden: “Excuse me, there’s a little boy here, eeeerm, doing a poo”
*please do not let that be my child*
Of course it was my child.
I had to very publicly clean up a steaming child turd from the middle of the beer garden, the eyes of all the other smug parents, with kids who don’t defecate in public, boring into me.
To be fair to my son, when I asked him why he did it he simply replied “because no one told me where the toilet was”.

Fast forward a few years, swap the pub garden for the lush manicured garden of a 5* hotel in Sicily and we go again. Luckily this time I noticed the squatting  figure of one of my kids in the bushes before anyone else did and sent poor Mr DaisLikeThese to go and sort it all out!

Note to self: whenever going anywhere with kids, always scout out the loo and tell them in as much detail as possible where it is!

Now, I’m not sure if it is a boy thing, but I generally get told in a lot of detail the specifics of each poo. I try to explain to them that actually I don’t need to know that this time it was “a daddy sized poo, and a mummy sized poo at the same time” or that they can see the remnants of last nights dinner in there, but for some reason they seem think I want to know!

Thankfully, now that the boys are a bit older, the incidents are becoming fewer and farther between. Now that baby DaisLikeThese has arrived, I genuinely thought there was no poo incident that would surprise me.

That was until the poo in the bath!!

I think we have been generally lucky to get through nearly 8 years of parenting and never had to deal with a bath poo. Never would I have imagined the snake like formation of a 3 day stored up breastfed baby poo released into water! You verge on being mesmerised by the slithering, perfectly formed snake making it’s way through the water, but then realise suddenly that you are holding your baby in a poo bath! Do you leave them there to finish their business or do you take them out and risk the poo snake decorating your bathroom?!! I’ve genuinely seen it all now.

I tend to think that Mr DaisLikeThese and I have pretty much become immune to any child poo related incident now. We can definitely look back and laugh!

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26 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Parent: Poo. So much poo!!

  1. haha this made me laugh. We are obsessed with poo in our house. Youngest has pooped her pants on the slide and in the middle of a shop. Oldest has a thing about going for a poo every time we go somewhere we nice to eat, it’s almost like she thinks she needs to make the room. Always embarrassing #coolmumclub


  2. Very funny and very true. I have to admit the bit about your son having a poo in the beer garden did make me chuckle – thankfully I have (yet) to experience anything like that and I think I’ve been lucky to also escape the poo in the bath situation too! I have, however, had the joy of my toddler painting the garden furniture with her sister’s poo when we were potty training and my big girl didn’t quite get there on time. Thankfully hubby arrived home at that very moment so we could clean up one child each! Ah the joys of dealing with poo! #coolmumclub


    1. Yes, the beer garden incident has definitely scarred me. But at least I have been through the worst and baby number 3 won’t be able to shock me with any poo incidents (….I hope!!)
      Thanks for reading. x


  3. Genuinely laughing out loud at this whilst also sending you all the Mummy sympathy in the world. My little one is still strictly contained in nappies but as we plan on potty training beginning Monday I just can’t wait for all the secret poos I’m sure I’m going to start finding around our home xx


  4. Haha love this! I had all of my three youngest in nappies at the same time (3, 2 and 1 now) and we have seen more poo over the last three years than I had ever imagined! We’ve had multiple poos in the bath, sometimes it was impossible to tell which one it had even come from. We’ve had poo on the floor, hands down the nappy and poo on their hands, one time my eldest daughter smeared her own poo from her nappy all over my then 8 year old, you can imagine how that went!! #justanotherlinky


  5. This made me laugh so much! We haven’t had any poo in the bath or public pooing incidents. But on the first day of taking our little one home from hospital, she decided to do a really dark green poo that just kept oozing and oozing, like toothpaste coming out of a tube! I was trying so hard not to laugh to avoid hurting my c section scar. I think my husband is still traumatised to this day. Claire x


  6. Haha, my favourite was the weaning stage, the boy did one and it was like the play doh mop top hair shop just squeezing out endlessly (I had been bicycling his legs because he was struggling, sans nappy naturally because OF COURSE YOU DO THAT YOU IMBECILE) It was like a giant worm cast! Thanks so much for linking with #chucklemums


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