And so to set the ball rolling on my hopefully regular post – My Wednesday Whinge.

This week can be summed up in four words: Four. Month. Sleep. Regression!

Yep, my four month old is in the full swing of this bad boy and gosh am I feeling it!
What I don’t get is how I have two older children and I have never before heard of this said sleep regression?

Basically, what I can gather from the millions of websites I have looked at (in desperation for a solution), it is when babies go from always sleeping in a deep sleep to developing more of an adult sleep pattern with more lighter sleep periods. When they are in the lighter sleep periods they wake up more easily and need to learn to settle themselves back to sleep.

That is where things are going wrong – Baby DaisLikeThese can’t settle herself back to sleep!!

And then I’m caught in between conflicting sets of advice; don’t cuddle the baby or help her to sleep – that will create bad habits, but at the same time don’t leave her to cry – she’s too young!!

What is a mum to do?!

I am basically spending my nights and days, popping a dummy back in (I know, I know – that probably won’t help!), “shhhh, shhhh”ing, patting, and generally banging my head against a wall!!

She turns five months next week – does that mean this will all be over?!!

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7 thoughts on “My Wednesday Whinge #1

  1. Ahhh I know exactly how you feel, although I’m having to put a boob in mouth to get her back of to sleep again. Unfortunately we are still in it at 5 months but I think it is getting slightly better now. Fingers crossed it doesn’t last long for you x


  2. Haha, in a word, no! To be honest though, we never had a four month sleep regression. The sleep just never progressed in the first place. He’s now 17 months and still waking up. I have just got used to the sleep deprivation. It’s the new normal. Hope things improve for you soon.


  3. I genuinely still don’t have a clue what to do and I’m on my 2nd! I do try not to get my youngest out of her cot when she cries and tends to stick a dummy back in but sometimes a cuddle is required. Lovely post and I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my worries! Thanks for linking up! #bestandworst


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