My daughter was born exactly three months ago today. She is my third born and I’m 99.9% certain she will my last (I’m not sure my body could physically carry another child and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t survive the school run with four kids and a greyhound!)

With this certainty that my days of popping out sprogs are definitely over, I am finding myself mourning the weeks, milestones and events that pass. Not just the normal things like the first smile or laugh. No, I am mourning the things that most parents (including me a few years back) would lament; I am no longer despairing “FFS my 10week old baby just shat on me” I am crying “oh my goodness, I am never going to be shat on by a 10 week old baby ever again!”

Chunder down my back, nappy leakages which require a whole pack of wet wipes and a bath, screaming until she is cuddled (standing up cuddles only obviously, sitting down cuddles are not allowed!),  fighting sleep when she is clearly soooo tired, and weeing everywhere at the crucial nappy change moment. What if these are the last times that I have to deal with these incidents? I should be happy about that, right? But no, like some kind of glutton for punishment, I am clinging on to the worst bits of motherhood as well as the best.

But actually it is helping me enjoy things so much more. The night feeds and midnight nappy changes are no longer a chore, I no longer mutter profanities under my breath as I am dragging my sorry self over to the armchair for a mammoth 3am feed. I am actually happy to have an extra snuggle with my girlie.

If we have a bad night, and I stumble through the next day as a bleary eyed zombie mum, it doesn’t bother me any more. Obviously I love my sleep, and if I had a choice I would be getting a lot more of it right now, but I appreciate that it won’t always be this bad and within a few months, I will get some sleep again. I won’t ever have a few month old baby getting me up all night again.

And I can actually now laugh when I am covered in wee, poo and sick (sometimes all three at the same time!), rather than look back (after the horror of the situation has died down) and laugh.

So despite mourning the weeks that pass, I am also enjoying them more so. Maybe I should have realised before that the key to getting through the first few months with a baby is to convince yourself that you are never ever doing this again!




My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows
A Bit Of Everything

28 thoughts on “Slow down, little one!

  1. Such a real portrait of parenting which will help others and certainly made me smile. I stuck at 3 knowing that I could not cope with anymore. Gave up school runs in favour of home education eventually.


  2. Thank you for writing this post. I’m pregnant with number 3 after a 7 year age gap and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how I’m going to cope in Jan when she’s here. It’s nice to read a positive aspect and I hope my experience will be like yours xx #fartglitter


    1. My eldest is 7yrs and he is amazing with his baby sister. I think that age gap works well. My 4.5yr old on the other hand….!
      Thanks for reading and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. x


  3. Good for you – enjoying all the poo and wee and sick. Sometimes we are so busy doing, we don’t realise how fleeting these things are. So glad you are being in the moment and soaking up every bit of babyhood. #fartglitter


  4. wow I love this post. you are so right. I had my youngest over 3 years ago and I’m not sure that we will be having another one. 3 daughters is tiring as it is but when I look at expectant mothers or mothers with newborns I yearn for another one. but I no I couldn’t have another. not yet anyways, thnakyou for this post. xx


  5. Lovely post…
    I have a 17 year gap between my youngest two. I thought I was done with heaving out kids and I was, my last was born by C section ha ha Having kids is hard work but I’d still be up for having another. Shame I’m menopausal lol 😉 #abitofeverything


  6. my baby has juts turned 6! 6! oh my gosh I have wanted time to slow down but it doesn’t, he is my last baby 99.9% sure of this. I was so clucky this past year we adopted a dog and rescued 3 kittens, yep hubby thinks I’ve gone mad, but shh I already was he is just figuring that out now lol. Enjoy those hugs, hang on to those precious yet exhausting moments. Loved this post. Nice to meet you, I will follow you on Twitter and Instagram now #abitofeverything, love Mackenzie


  7. I will never pop sprogs any more, and there are many things I feel sad about due to this, but I really dont think I miss poo, wee or puke.
    It is great that you are appreciating every last minute with your little one though.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything


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