Being on my third baby I have done my fair share of baby groups. Now don’t get me wrong, I love going along, having a cup of tea and a chat with other mums (and sometimes dads) whilst little one is happily gurgling away on a playmat. But with this welcome social relaxation comes the questions. The questions that all mums seem to ask each other when they first meet at baby group:

“How old is she?(sorry, it is a she isn’t it?)” And you answer in weeks, and always round up rather than down for some unknown reason.

“She’s so tiny/big – how much did she weigh when she was born?” And you reel off the birth weight down to the half ounce and then discuss percentage of birth weight lost and which percentile they are now following.

“Where was she born?” And, for me, the generally shocked reaction to the fact that I have a couple of home births under my belt (“you’re so brave!”)

“Are you breast or bottle feeding?” And so follows a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of breast or bottle, timetable of feeds, expressing, baby taking or not taking a bottle, reflux etc.

And then for the all important question, the question that all mums want to know of other mums, the question that will either make you envied or worshipped “does she sleep through the night?!”

And so in the space of half an hour you have divulged more information about your current life situation to a stranger than you would about any other topic.

But it doesn’t matter, because you have probably learnt just as much about your new found friends, quelled a bit of mum guilt (“phew, it’s not just me!”) and realised that actually no one is getting any sleep at the moment!

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One thought on “Questions all mums seem to ask each other at baby group

  1. Absolutely brilliant Daisy, you have put into words what so many of think. Well done a d keep going, take it from me enjoy your children because before you know they are in tber forties. I never imagined i would have teenage grandchildren. Lot of love and keep blogging x Sam


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